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10 Part-Time Businesses You Can Start Today!

Starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most gratifying things you can ever do in your life. If you are reading this article I'm sure you've asked yourself "what business can I run while keeping my day job?" Here are 10 businesses that you can run on a part time basis until you ready to hang up the "9 to 5" and "go at it fulltime".

EBay -

EBay has become one of the most popular and profitable part-time businesses you can start. Thousands of people in America and around the world are starting part-time businesses using the online auction site eBay. From the comfort of their homes, many business owners have created fast growing and profitable companies. You can sell anything from antiques to cars at eBay. It has become so profitable for some people they have turned it into their full-time source of income.

Wireless Networking -

If you have knowledge of computer networking there is a untapped opportunity for you. The opportunity is in installing and servicing wireless networks in businesses and single-family homes. Surveys have shown that more people than ever have multiple computers in their homes. The surveys also show that most people are moving toward networking those scattered computers. This provides a tremendous opportunity for you! The main barrier to starting a wireless networking business is the lack of computer networking knowledge. Even though some networking knowledge is needed, the advancement in wireless networking technology has made the barriers to entry less daunting.

Catering -

Starting your own catering business can be a very lucrative and rewarding endeavor. Even better, catering is very receptive to part-time operators. Whether you cater events on a full-time or a part-time basis, the opportunities are excellent. There are probably thousands of catered events taking place right in your hometown every year. Catering is a $5.5 billion a year industry, and enjoys a growth rate of about 6% per year. As long as couples get married and corporations host annual parties and conferences, caterers will be needed.

Wedding Planner -

Do you have a knack for organization and planning? If the answer is yes, Wedding Planning may be a business for you. With over 2.5 million weddings taking place in 2005, there is a fantastic opportunities for you to start a wedding planning business. There is always a need for someone to oversee the details of the Bride and Groom's special day. That "someone" -- the wedding planner -- could be you! No special education, license, or experience is necessary to start making money as a wedding planner today.

Handyman -

There's big money in the Handyman business. Many homeowners across the country hire handyman contractors to complete odd jobs and minor repairs that they don't have the skills or time to do themselves. This is an untapped market because most major contractors pass on small handyman jobs. Your phone will ring off the hook with calls from homeowners looking for someone to handle the small jobs they can't fix themselves. Getting started is as simple as getting the appropriate licenses, gathering your tools and marketing your service. A simple and low cost way to let the public know about your service is to advertise in shopper publications and on bulletin boards, in addition to dropping off fliers at real estate offices. Take these simple step and start repairing everything from leaky faucets to broken windows.

Non Medical Home Care Assistant -

"Starting A Non-Medical Home Care Business is fun, easy and rewarding"...It is a little known fact that Non-Medical Home Care is one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States! Every year, millions upon millions of dollars are spent on Non-Medical Home Care. Most people, who enter the Home Care business, usually do on a full time basis, but the business can easily be operated on a part-time basis. You can provide services ranging from respite care on the weekends to assisting with household tasks. With the number of baby boomers approaching retirement age, the growth of your business will be tremendous. Non-Medical Home Care was rated as one of the best businesses to start in 2005 and again for 2006.

Gift Baskets -

The Gift Basket Business is a multi-million dollar creative and rewarding industry that has unlimited potential. Gift Baskets can be sold for all occasions from Valentine Day to Christmas. Individual as well as businesses buy gift Baskets on a regular basis. You can create theme baskets, special order baskets, or both. The opportunities are unlimited if you have the skills and creativity to create high quality basket for special occasions.

Video Production Service -

The Video Production business is one of the best businesses you can start on a part-time basis. If you have knowledge of digital cameras, editing equipment and editing software, this may be the business for you. Most Video Businesses start by providing their services to the wedding and special event industries. Most weddings and special events happen on the weekends or after hours. This makes the video business a perfect sideline business to start while maintaining your "full-time gig". Furthermore, the video production business can be very lucrative. The average wedding video costs $1100.

Office and Home Organizer -

This is one of the simplest businesses you can start. There is little or no equipment required, no special training, and the cost to get started is relatively low. You can get started with as little as a stack of business cards. There is one caveat, in order to be successful as an Office and Home Organizer; you must have the skills to help the organizationally challenged attain organizational success. You will be organizing everything from entire homes and offices to closets and file cabinets. You could expect to earn a salary of $25 to $50 per hour in your spare time on the weekends or in the evening.

Junk Removal Service -

Did you know that in 2005 people spent more time at work than every before in history? With such a limited amount of time for leisure, most people don't want to spend the weekend cleaning garages, basements, or hauling junk to the landfill. Their disdain for the physical labor and the time required to complete these jobs mean an opportunity for you. Your Junk Removal Company can complete jobs ranging from removal of junk from homes, apartments, businesses, and construction sites to disposing of furniture, household items, old appliances, and other unwanted items. You can work with realtors or homeowners to help them get rid of junk to prepare their home for sale. You can assist contractors with the removal of construction debris before and after residential or commercial properties are built. You will need the necessary licenses and a truck of some size to carry everything from old refrigerators to construction debris. If you do mine the heavy lifting this can be a very profitable part-time business for you.

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