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10 Places to Leave your business card

Leaving your business card is a good way to promote your business. It tells people that don't already know it, that you're in business. But where do you leave them? Here are a few places they can be left.

1) Laundry Mats
2) Thumb tacked to bulletin boards
3) Leave them with your bank teller.
4) Leave them on restrauant tables.
5) Include them with your bill payments.
6) Leave them on the windshields of people's car.
7) Exchange fillers with other businesses.
8) Leave them in grocery stores.
9) Leave them in library books.
10) Put them in your bank deposits

There are many places your business cards can be left, these are just a few that we've came up with off the top of our head.

Written by TBA. TBA stands for Tricia Billie and baby Ashley. We are a mother, daughter, & granddaughter WAH team. We own and operate

About the Author
TBA stands for Tricia, Billie and baby Ashley. We are a work at home mother, daughter and granddaughter team. We've been in online business for going on 3 years.