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10 Promotional Tips Using Your Business Card

Copyright 2006

Business cards are essential to marketing, it is as simple as that. These little cards speak volumes about who you are and what your business is. They can be worth their weight in gold. Whether promoting a business or yourself, giving out suitable business cards is crucial in a marketing project.

But these little gems cannot function if you leave them at home. So keep an updated supply in your car, in your wallet or purse, and near the door so you can grab a handful every time you leave the office or home. They should be upgraded regularly and remembered along with your wallet/purse, mobile phone and car keys. It is a habit which will pay handsomely in the long run.

Here is a selection of ways of using your business cards to promote your business.

1) When paying bills by post, slip in one of your business cards before sealing the envelope. When you think about it - bills often contain advertisements, so why not send a card advertising your services? You never know who will open the envelope. Think of it as throwing a pebble into a pond. Sit back and watch the ripples and wait for the phone calls.

2) Give business cards out to everyone, including family and friends. Don't be shy, give two if you can, don't try to hold onto them, make sure you always have a ready supply. Perhaps the person you give your card to will recommend you to another, so a second card would be really useful to him.

3) Use psychology to give you an advantage: When you give out a business card, ask the recipient if they have one for you. If they do present you with their card, make notes on the back to use in your follow up calls. Make that person feel important, and spend some time looking at their card. Come right out and ask "Is your company hiring at the moment?" or "I would appreciate a referral if you know anyone who could use my services". You may wish to "sweeten" the idea by adding that you are willing to pay a percentage (say 10%) to them for any successful referrals.

4) Take full advantage of any possible chance meetings. Social gatherings could well produce clients for your business. Don't discount these events, take plenty of cards with you even if it is only a birthday party for a friend of your kid. You honestly do not know who you may meet. The same applies to travelling or going on vacation.

5) In today's economic climate, where there are many people chasing the same leads, it is important to be pro-active when following up on leads. It is tough for those hiring and firing to keep track of individuals when interviewing or considering so many applicants. It is up to you to be memorable (for all the right reasons) and to give that person a reason to call you back. A good plan is to send a short hand written note thanking the person for their time after a business meeting or interview. Slip in a business card. After receipt of this, you will be on the memorable list and make yourself stand out from the crowd. Your patience and persistence, when coupled with attention to detail, will eventually pay off.

6) Brand yourself or your company with a slogan. Put that slogan on your business card. It should answer the question as to why they should hire you and what makes you and your services or product, different from all the others. A catchy phrase or slogan is an almost guaranteed method of your customers connecting you or your company with their product or services. Instead of saying "Attorney" on your business card, say something like "Legal Services With Integrity". An appropriate slogan makes a big difference, and makes you instantly more memorable.

7) Newspapers and magazines often have editorial content giving details of people being promoted or joining different organizations. You will read these in a new light when you look on them as opportunities. It has been suggested that everyone is only six people away from meeting or knowing someone important to us, whether a movie star, political figure or future customer. You simply never know where your card will end up. When you see these congratulatory announcements, send the individual a blank greeting card on which you have written your congratulations. Include your business card. Not only will you make someone's day, they may also feel compelled to respond back to you, thus increasing your network of contacts.

8) When handing out your business cards, ensure that you always present it face upwards. Follow the practice of business people in the Far East and present your business card with both hands. This cements the impression that your card (and by extension your business) is something very important.

9) If you are hoping to conduct business internationally, then use the back of the business card to print a translation of your card in your customer's language. Even if they have no difficulty in reading English, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and it will be considered a rather nice touch, again, singling you out from the crowd.

10) If you have a second mobile phone number, or a landline which is not listed on your business card, write it on the back of the card before handing it to your prospective client. Tell them that you are giving them your private unlisted number. This will make your card more valued and important, and it is far less likely that it will be trashed.

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