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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Start A Home Based Business

Building a better future and gaining self-fulfillment is a challenge that faces us all in today's world. We are continually searching for security and stability in the workplace. Jobs are lost each day because of corporate downsizing, layoffs, and businesses moving to other countries where labor is cheaper.

Although this seems bleak, there are options. Everyone should consider establishing a steady strong second source of income. This will help ensure a future, independent of circumstances beyond our control.

Here are 10 reasons why everyone should consider starting a home-based business. . .

1. BE YOUR OWN BOSS You get to set your own work hours and dress code. Work where you want and when you want, part-time or full-time. Be the president of your own company.

2. NO FRANCHISE FEES OR ROYALTIES No fees and overhead is minimal. There is no need to rent office space or buy expensive equipment.

3. WORKING AT HOME More free time available with your family. Eliminates commute and rush hour traffic. Live where you want to live because your business can move with you.

4. IMMEDIATE INCOME You can start earning an income right away. There is even a greater opportunity to earn an above average income.

5. LIFETIME INCOME You can build a successful income generating business that can last a lifetime. With most jobs, you are paid once for every hour that you work. With some home-based businesses you can build "residual" income for a lifetime.

6. NO EMPLOYEES No employee related hassles or paperwork. You don't have to work 80+ hours a week trying to manage your staff.

7. TAX BENEFITS Legally you can save thousands of dollars with home-based business deductions.

8. NO CEILING ON INCOME You are paid what you are worth. You decide how much you earn, by YOUR effort and time.

9. LIVE AS YOU PLEASE Have some freedom at last. You control your time and lifestyle. You could even move to ANY state you want. Most home businesses (especially network marketing) can be run anywhere.

10. AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE No previous experience necessary. You can earn as you learn. There are no barriers because of age, gender, race, or education.

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Many people are now choosing network marketing as their home-based business, mainly because of the low start-up costs and low risk. But, with over 200 network marketing companies out there, which one should look for before joining any home-based business

Products and services that you can believe in Simple and achievable marketing plan Support and training available Integrity of company Debt-free No inventory to carry Future "residual" income

Not all sources of income are created equal. Most people's source of income is linear, which means they are paid for one time for every hour they work AND you must be there to earn it. Even professionals like doctors and lawyers are earning a linear income. They are only paid for the hours they work.

THE BEST SOURCE.... Of income is residual, which means getting paid multiple times for something you did last month or even last year. After the initial effort, you don't have to earn it. Royalties, rentals, investments, and some forms of home-based businesses can supply unlimited amounts of residual income.

LINEAR RESIDUAL Fixed Icome Unlimited Income Tied to a Job Freedom Full-time Part-time Someone else in Control You are in Charge Temporary Can be Permanent

Building a strong residual income can last a lifetime. There are many ways to make money, but only a few provide the time to enjoy it! Make sure you do your homework before you choose your next home-based business, ask a lot of question. Then, if it feels right and the company meets the above list of requirements, put in the daily effort it takes to be successful. The rewards are great!

Mike Thompson

About the author:

Mike Thompson has been marketing on the internet for 6 years and owns and