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Best Music download site

Best Music download site Ever since I first began searching for the best music download site on the internet, I used to get lost. It was because I was searching for free mp3 downloads. I was asked for the monthly subscription fees which irritated me :-(
How can we rate a website as the best music download site? I have some criteria to decide about it.
1) Easy to download. It should not be necessary to go to the website and search for our favourite music. It would be great if we have some software installed on our machine which helps us in easy and fast download.
2) No Subscription fees. I do hate paying subscriptions every month. It should be all-time free download portal.
3) I should be able to find all my favourite music on the portal, eventhough my favourite music is not that popular.
4) Its great if I get the movie downloads also :-)
5) If I have to pay something to the site, then it should be a money-back guarantee scheme.
6) I should get a friendly support from the site to help me find the tracks I need. Am I expecting too much?
7) I should be able to download the music from any type of cable connection.
8) My registration info should be kept confidential. Ah! nowadays the I am getting spammed :-(
I have found some sites which keeps me happy with all the above conditions. You can check out at Music Site for more info.
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