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Converting More Free Downloads to Paid Customers

Do you give web site visitors the opportunity to download a
free trial of your product or service with the intention
that they will come back and purchase? How are you
following up with these visitors? Asking them to fill out a
form and immediately giving them the download on the next
page is not the best way to generate a quality opt-in list.
Collecting accurate opt-in information from these visitors
is essential to follow up education and making the sale.

Download giveaway opt-in conversion is extremely simple when
done with the correct process. Unfortunately many
businesses are leaving significant profits and subscribers
on the table by using the wrong methods.

The Wrong Way

A visitor comes to your site and they fill out a form to
request your free download. Upon submission of the form they
are taken to your thank you page where you provide the link
to download.

This person has been given your download but you have not
given them a reason to subscribe to your list. They might
have given you a fake email address and in all likelihood
did give you a fake email knowing that they just need to get
to the next page to receive your information. Since you
can't follow up with them you might have lost a sale.

The Correct Way

Insert the AWeber opt-in form on your site. Within eye site
of this form provide information about the importance of
subscribing to your list. Add value to your list by giving
them compelling reasons to subscribe. Make it clear that
the download link will be provided in the email they receive
after confirming their subscription.

On your thank you page (or redirect page) they are taken to
after they fill out the form you need to provide information
on verifying. Verified opt-in allows you to ensure that the
person subscribing did so with his or her own email address
and didn't provide a fake or malicious email. Let the
visitor know that they should check their email inbox. Tell
them what the subject line of the email says so they know
what to look for. Convey that they must click on the link
inside to verify and receive the download link to your

In the autoresponder they receive after verifying, give them
the download link. Since they are subscribed to your list
and have confirmed that the address they provided is valid
you can effectively follow up providing more information
about using the free or trial software, training tips, and
further benefits or features earned by becoming a customer.

Using these techniques you are sure to increase your sales
when converting free downloads to paid customers.

About the Author
Sean Cohen, Director of Client Relations & Development of
Newtown, PA based AWeber Communications, Inc. an opt-in
email service provider. With 7 years managing opt-in follow
up and newsletters for small businesses.

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