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Download All Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies!

With the myriad of entertainment options available today, it's virtually impossible to say that you can't find anything to capture your attention. And the entertainment options available right in the comfort of your own home are at an all time high. From video games to music to movies, most people have their favorite pastimes and are willing to do what it takes to enjoy those – within reason.

One of the most hated chores for many people is the dreaded movie return, and it seems that it seldom (or never) goes off without a hitch. Consider this too-frequent scenario. It's 6:30 p.m. and you've just realized that the movies you rented are due back to the store by 8 p.m. Plenty of time under ordinary circumstances, but you still haven't had time to watch this particular movie. With a window of an hour and half, you sit down to watch what you can. Children come and go, your spouse asks if you've folded the laundry (because it was your turn), and the phone rings four times. You ignore everyone, determined to enjoy the show.

In the end, you know what happens. The family is angry at being ignored, you have six voice mails from a frantic coworker and you still have to decide whether to miss the end of the movie or pay the ridiculously expensive late charge to return it late. And the movie wasn't even that good.

Maybe your passion isn't movies. Maybe it's television shows. It could be an older show that you simply don't have access to or an episode of your favorite show that you missed. If you've got a show that you simply can't get out of your mind, why not look for a recording of the entire season?

Whether you're interested in movies or television shows, you'll find an interesting answer to the rental dilemma at From this site, you can browse through thousands of titles then download the program directly to your computer. The process, as touted on the website, isn't complicated and is available even if you have a modem connection to the Internet (though it will be slower than DSL or cable connections). There are downloads compatible with Mac and Linux.

To access the site, you have to become a member. Membership has privileges other than access to downloads of movies and television shows. The site touts software that allows you to share MP3 files, games and even computer software. There are apparently several different programs available that will allow you to start sharing immediately, each with a rating and review to help you choose the one that's right for you.

Members have unlimited downloads and one, two and lifetime memberships are available. Access to the site is almost instant upon joining and instructions for downloading are sent to your e-mail address. The site also touts customer support and a user-friendly process that even those who consider themselves as less-than-proficient on the computer can master.

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