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Downloading Games and Applications via T-Mobile and the Motorola V330

With a combination of T-Mobile and the V330 (and probably V300, V600, etc.) it can be tough to get resources to your phone even though they are readily available on the internet. It seems like T-Mobile, among other services, tries to make it hard to get ahold of phone games without buying them directly from their site, T-Zones.

The only choice I've found that works to download games and applications is as follows:

1. Purchase a Bluetooth adapter for your PC. I found one at a local computer store for $19.99.

2. Download games or aplications at one of several sites offering free downloads (or paid) and download the .jar file. This takes only a few seconds.

3. Turn on 'Show My Device' on your V330.

4. Send file through the software which came with your Bluetooth adapter.

5. Follow the instructions which come up on your phone to install and run the file.

I've tried emailing the file to an email address stored on the phones email client software as an attachment, downloading it from sites through the phones browser, and emailing it to an email address which is web-based such as Yahoo and downloading it with no luck.

Downloading and sending games via the blue tooth adapter makes it fast to get games (litterally seconds) and also makes the number of games more plentiful.

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