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Downloading MP3's The Legal Way

Pay As You Go; The Legal Way to Download Mp3's

Many of us have one time or another downloaded our favorite song from the internet. Even though this might not have been the most honest way to listen to music, at the time it seemed like the only way for instant gratification. However, times have changed and music companies are cracking down and suing thousands of people for illegal music downloads. Today, you don't have to worry anymore about being sued for instant gratification. There are plenty of legitimate sites available that allow you to download your favorite song quickly and most importantly inexpensively.

Pay as you go mp3 download services has been made famous by iTunes, which is Apple's answer to getting great music on their iPOD's fast and easy. iTunes is a huge hit, delivering millions of songs to iPOD's every year. iTunes cost about $.99 a song and about $9.99 for an album, but remember the reason that you started downloading songs in the first place. Many albums only have two or three great tracks on them anyway. Most people opt to buy a couple of songs instead of spend $20 bucks at a record store for an entire album that is mostly a stinker. If you think $.99 is too much, there are plenty of services that sell mp3's even cheaper, from Walmart, to emusic to a bunch of smaller services that are not widely known. You can usually find mp3's for pennies on a dollar. It is important to do a little research and check out websites and advertising. You may find songs for $.10 to $.20 a piece.

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