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free hypnosis download

Free Self Hypnosis Download

The UK's two leading Hypnotists, Richard MacKenzie and Terry Doherty are making another first in the world of Personal Development and Hypnotherapy. The pair have launched, which is a site that millions all over the world are expected to visit and download a FREE Hypnotherapy Download that they have compiled and is part of their easyTrance Range.

Author of Self-Change Hypnosis Richard MacKenzie said, "I think that is one of the best projects I have ever worked on. I have not only been able to work with my much respected colleague Terry Doherty, but am going to be able to help millions of people in the process as this Hypnotherapy download can be accessed for free all over the world!"

Leading British Hypnotist Terry Doherty said, "It's been a real joy working with Richard MacKenzie, we have managed to pull our joint knowledge together, creating what we believe to be an exceptionally effective programme for life changes. Our double powered inductions take anyone into an easy trance like state where they can go on an inward journey for self development".

Leading Hypnotherapist Terry Doherty has said about the project, "When Richard and I sat down to discuss the project I was very excited to be working with Richard because he has such extensive knowledge and has a thriving practice in the UK." Terry continued, "The Name Richard MacKenzie, I believe, will become synonymous with hypnosis in the future"

Their whole range of downloads cover a great many issues such as Quit Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Jealousy, Wealth and Abundance, Confidence, Public Speaking and much more. So with what ever you wish to deal with, Self Hypnosis and these Hypnotherapy Downloads are probably just the thing that you are looking for!

The ancient art of Hypnotism has certainly come a long way over the years and both Richard and Terry have undoubtedly done their part to progress it into the success that it is today. The pair have literally helped thousands of people to achieve what can only be considered by most people as 'miracles' in their lives.

They have also showed what great effects that their ground breaking hypnotic techniques can have on big business and the corporate world, regularly going into companies and helping the people that wanted to quit smoking or with stress management. When these guys go in to a company for a day, the amazing results that are seen especially the increase in profit margins are just simply astonishing.

Both Terry and Richard invite you to get your free Hypnosis Download from, infact why not forward this article or the site address to all of your friends and help the power of easyTrance to grow all over the world.?

About the Author
Terry Doherty has been increasingly gaining an international reputation for outstanding results in the use of therapeutic practice working both with individual clients and corporates. Terry has trained in both Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and in advanced hypnotherapy. He has been trained by, among others, Shaun Brookhouse (International Hypnotherapist and owner of the Washington School of clinical and advanced Hypnosis