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Free Music Downloads Continue To Grow

Over 60 million music fans are still using peer-to-peer file (P2P) sharing programs like Kazaa and Morpheus to share their favorite tunes online. Even as lawsuits continue, free music downloads continue to grow. Most music fans show little concern about being sued for grabbing free music. has added access to a free music download source within the pages of the music related website. For a small one-time fee, members are granted immediate access to software, tools, tips and tutorials needed to start downloading free music MP3's, even DVD quality free movies are available.
MP3 players were one of the most popular holiday gifts this past year. Again showing that free music downloads are on the rise. As the music-industry continues crackdown on illegal file sharing, the number sites and major companies offering free music as promotions and incentives continues to flourish giving the music-industry even more of a run for their money.
You could easily compare P2P sharing programs to owning a VCR - a VCR is a legal and common device, and used properly there's no problem. Using your VCR inappropriately will ultimately lead to a problem that could cost you dearly.
The free music download source offered at are 100% legal, using these tool are still 100% legal, membership to the service, a small one-time fee, is 100% legal for now. is a division of 3G Enterprises, LLC your leader in music related products and services.
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