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"How to Get People to Download a Free eBook"

Have you ever downloaded a free book and found junk on your hands? Have you ever downloaded a free book that had incredible content?
When I had been on the net for a couple of years, suddenly, I was finding free books. Of course, I downloaded many. I even found an archive of free books. As I went through them I trashed what I considered the ebooks that had little information and a lot of advertisements.
I did find some gems and learned a lot from free books. It took me a few months to get to them all, but what I noticed was when the free book came with a website and a cover, I was much more inclined to download and read that book right away. It had perceived value!
So, I started doing something that I had never done before. I started putting a few free books up with covers, and YES I got more downloads per hit than before.
So, I then put up a free ebook that not only had a free cover but a free page to describe the book, and linked that to a 5 day free course. Results? Wow........ way more downloads.
How does giving away free books help you?
It helps you when the free book is your own. It helps you when the free book is branded for your back end sales.
It helps you get more subscribers to your ezine It helps bring people back to your site.
So, choose your free books wisely. If they have a way to brand them, then it is worth it to pay the branding fee. Then set the book up that you have paid money for branding and put it up with a cover and a give away page.
Make that give away page a hot selling page, just as you would if the book was paid for.
Put the ingredients you need for a hot selling Give Away Page:
1. Get their Attention Headline 2. A sub headline
3. An eBook Cover
4. A statement of fact or a quote. 5. A list of benefits 6. A get your reader involved question 7. Get them to sign up for your newsletter or a free ecourse (This can be considered a bonus) 8. A P.S. (postscript)
Remember, make it easy for them to sign up for their "New Valuable, yet Free eBook" immediately.
Make sure the book that you like has a cover or if if doesn't and you truly believe the book is worth giving away, then talk to the author and see if he/she has a cover, or if he/she will consider getting a cover made for the book.
A picture is truly worth a thousand words.
Teresa King
(c) 2002
Teresa King is the author of several books on the net. Her latest "17 Top Secrets to Set Your Site on Fire" can be found at or