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"How to protect your Ebook download pages"

"How to protect your Ebook download pages
from being stolen!"

By Dirk Dupon

If you're currently selling Ebooks or software via Paypal or
Clickbank, you may not be aware of the fact that your digital
products can be stolen... even right now!

Malicious people who have ordered your product can pass
the download link to others.

It happens all the time with music files or complete software
programs, so why shouldn't it happen to your product?

In fact, this may have been one of the reasons that your
product didn't sell very well lately.

It might have nothing to do with your marketing efforts, and
you could have spent a lot of your hard earned advertising
dollars... all for nothing!

However, there is a way to protect your "Thank-You" pages,
from being stolen or copied.

If you are concerned about your products, you better get
the FREE "Selling Through ClickBank" Ebook, written by
Kenneth Yang.

Kenneth's book teaches ClickBank and PayPal users how
to protect their download pages from being accessed by
freebie-scammers, using a simple PHP redirect script that
they can type up in Notepad and upload in less than one

And the great thing is that this script is FREE to use.

No need to pay nearly $40 bucks for some other script
that purportedly does the same thing - albeit in a slightly
different manner.

You can download Kenneth's Ebook by clicking here:

(This ebook is in .exe format, so it's for Windows users

All the best!

Dirk Dupon is the author of: "How To Make Profit From An
Affiliate Program" This "top-quality" Ebook in .pdf format is
FREE to download, and contains secrets and hints about
using Affiliate Programs to make more profit on line.
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