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iTunes: Download music and so much more

Itunes is one of the largest online music retailers. Last year, millions of people went online to download music from the store and organized their mp3 files with the iTunes Jukebox. Right now, the jukebox is free so anyone can use it to rip CDs, store mp3 files and organize their playlist. If you want to download music from the iTunes jukebox into a portable mp3 player, you can easily download it into an iPod. iTunes is a complete music management system.

Here is a rundown of the top features of the iTunes store:

1. Largest legal download catalog on the web
Songs from all the major record labels and all the hottest stars are available on iTunes. Currently over 1,000,000 songs are available including over 100,000 from independent artists and independent labels. Out of print collection includes old Motown Hits and old Jazz albums.

2. Preview songs with 30 second clips
If you want to try something new, just listen for 30 seconds before you buy. You are paying per song so there's no need to get an entire album if you only like a few tracks.

3. Sync up with your iPod
You can easily download songs, pictures, or text files from iTunes and put them on your iPod. Use iTunes to search for music, organize playlists and share music with your friends. Then use the iPod to take your favorite songs with you throughout the day. The newest models can hold up to 10,000 songs.

4. Stream music wirelessly throughout your entire house
Hook up instructions are linked directly from the main page.

5. Discover music
Find out what's playing on music stations all around the country. Currently, over 1,000 major music stations are on the list. This really helps because you can get access to more music in case you have a small collection and get tired of listening to your music mixes.

You can also share you playlist with others on iTunes, and check out their playlists in return. See how others have put together their playlists and then you can listen to them, and rate them. Mixes with the most votes are listed prominently so even more iTunes players can enjoy them.

6. New Music Tuesdays
Every Tuesday there are selections from new albums, remixes, unreleased songs, live recording sessions and more. Sign up on the website to be on the list, and then you can sign on and check out what's new.

7. Audio books
In case you want to catch p on you reading, get access to over 9,000 audio books online. Audio books cost a little bit more than individual songs, but you can get 90 second previews of any title before you make your purchase. You can also organize your files on iTunes and save them to your iPod. A lot of the titles are self help related including books on how to learn a new language.

8. Convert music files
Setup the iTunes jukebox to automatically convert music files to digital files anytime you put a CD into your computer. This built in file conversion option is a great add on to iTunes. You can do the same thing with some other commercial software or shareware online, but by getting it at this site, you know that the software will be compatible you're your computer system, and you can trust the source.

While you're converting and importing the songs, if you have duplicate songs on your playlist, the software will notify so you can delete the extra copies. This is another feature that also helps you save more space on your hard drive.

9. Share with other computers in your house
Once you buy your songs, download the free iTunes jukebox to up to 5 computers in your house and you can share the music files among all the computers. This way you only have to pay for your music files once, but you can listen to them all over your house.

10. Lots of Plugins
In the support area there are links to lots of plugins developed by Apple enthusiasts to import lyrics into the iTunes Jukebox and more. If you are looking for a feature that is not built into either the iTunes Jukebox, or your iPod, check out the list of places where you find free software to enhance your musical experience.

11. Buy prepaid cards and gift certificates for friends and family
Let them go online and buy their own favorites.

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