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10 Ebay Tips to Insure a Perfect Welcome Email to Your Buying Customers!

Quality merchandise at reasonable prices definitely is the winning combination when attracting buyers to bid on your auctions, but the one thing that can make you stand out from your competition is outstanding customer service. Customers will buy from you again if they liked the service that you provided them.

Where does service start? The very instant that you email them after they have purchased your product from a winning bid is when you either create a long term customer or just a one time fly by the night purchase.

Your welcome email should be very detail oriented yet display compassion for their needs. In today's article we are going to give you 10 very important Ebay tips that you should take into consideration when emailing your customer after they have won their bid and purchased your products.

Ebay tip number 1: You need to let your new Ebay customers know approximately when they are going to get their product. I realize that the timetable for shipping varies but do the best you can based on the shipping option that was chosen. For example if you indeed ship the product out via second day FedEx delivery then you know it will take 2 days but on the other hand if you use the US Postal Service then it could take longer so try to do your best to guess.

Ebay tip number 2: Provide your Ebay customers with the name of the item that they bought and the auction number. This is also another way to double check their orders and to avoid unnecessary refunds from Ebay. Yes of course it is their responsibility to record this information but it is insurance on your part to go the distance and remind your Ebay customers of this information.

Ebay tip number 3: Be sure to make it clear and verify what the closing purchase amount was. Although this is probably already known it is still nice to remind the customer of how much they have paid for your products.

Ebay tip number 4: When allowing your new Ebay customers to pay with checks, let them know how long it will take for you to hold the product while waiting for the check to clear. This usually takes about 5 to 14 days for your Ebay customers.

Ebay tip number 5: Another piece of advice to take into consideration when accepting checks or money orders is to be sure to be very specific as to what location that you want them to send the payment to. List your name and address as clear as possible.

Ebay tip number 6: If you are making any quantity number of sales then you probably have experienced payments being sent in without any information as to what product the customer ordered. You can remedy this by making it clear in the email to your buyers that they need to write down the item name and auction number with their payment.

Ebay tip number 7: Get a confirmation of the shipping address and the phone number of the customer. Even though there this information is provided when the bid was won it is wise of you to verify this in your welcome email. Do not risk a bad testimonial from a buyer just because you did not confirm the shipping address.

Ebay tip number 8: If you accept credit cards online from your Ebay business then be sure to guide your new Ebay auction winners through the process of paying with their cards. Some online payment systems may confuse people and you do not want to risk a chargeback because of confusion on your buyer's part. With the strict rules that Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover have these days, you will want to be careful with your Ebay charges.

Ebay tip number 9: Entice your Ebay customers by trading a good testimonial for them (the buyer) if the entire exchange and delivery goes smooth. This may help insure a smoother transaction on your customers part.

Ebay tip number 10: Last but not least, be sure to include your phone number for contact info when selling your Ebay products. This may help expedite the process faster if your customers can call you for questions or concerns.

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