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11 Creative Ways to Make Big Profits from Your eBook - Part 1

What do you do after you spend your valuable time and energy on creating an ebook? Do you start selling it online and then spend a lot of time to create another ebook from scratch?

What if I told you that you can create an ebook once and easily multiple your profits from it? Would you be interested to discover these profit-pulling ideas? Well, here you go.

Hot Idea #1: Sell the Resell Rights to Your eBook

When you sell people the rights to resell your ebook and keep 100% of the profits, you can make money in two ways:

First by selling the resell rights, and second by promoting and selling affiliate products or your other related products in the ebook.

So when people give it away or sell it, their customers will see your promotions and some of them will buy them. So you've just made some sales without any additional marketing effort at all.

Now that's a nice way of making additional profits, isn't it? ;-)

The key is to write your ebook about a hot-selling subject, so a lot of people will buy the resell rights to it because they know it will sell like crazy.

Hot Idea #2: Sell the Master Resell Rights to Your eBook

You can allow people to sell your ebook as well as the resell rights to it and keep all the profits. Naturally master resell rights are worth more than just resell rights so you can sell them for a higher price.

On the other hand, if people get the master resell rights to your ebook, soon more and more people will start selling it on the Internet and after a while, you'll find yourself facing a lot of competition all trying to sell your ebook. So you won't be able to sell it as easily as you could before.

Selling the master resell rights to your products is most profitable when you have a powerful backend selling strategy in place.

So by making your ebook viral, not only you don't lose anything, but you'll also make a lot of profits by promoting your backend and affiliate products inside the ebook.

Hot Idea #3: Give Away the Resell Rights to Your eBook

Instead of "selling" your ebook resell rights, you can give them away for free so people can offer your ebook on their website for free or give it to their customers as a bonus for their own product.

This technique will easily make your ebook spread on the Internet fast. So it can be a great viral marketing strategy to get free advertising for your backend and affiliate products.

Hot Idea #4: Give Away the Branded Copy of Your eBook

To make your ebook more viral and make it spread even more quickly, you can let people brand it with their own name and website URL.

When a website owner offers his customers with an ebook that includes his name and website address, it has a higher perceived value and increases his credibility. So people will be much more willing to promote your ebook if you make it brandable.

Branding can be as simple as including a sentence like "Brought to you by: Joe Smith", or even letting people replace the affiliate links with their own affiliate ID.

Hot Idea #5: .

Read part 2 of this article to discover more killer ideas to increase your ebook profits.

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Ladan Lashkari


Ladan Lashkari is a respected Internet marketing expert and the author of "How to Find Best-Selling Product Ideas" and also many Internet marketing articles that show you killer tips and tricks to create your own profit pulling products.

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