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7 Ways To Promote Your eBay Store

The recent fee increases for eBay Stores have resulted in a large number of eBay Storeowners closing their stores because they didn't feel they could absorb the increases and remain profitable.

The majority of eBay Storeowners, however, simply absorbed the increases and continued to run their stores in a highly profitable manner. The primary reason they were able to do this was because they didn't just throw up an eBay Store, put a few items in it, and let it sit there. They had been promoting their stores all along. Promoting your eBay Store is vital to ensure it maintains continued profitability.

Here are some ways you can go about promoting your eBay Store for continued maximum profits:

1. Link To Your eBay Store In All Your Auctions - Every auction you list should include a link to your eBay Store. While eBay automatically includes a link to your store in all your auctions, you should take a different approach. Make sure your store has similar items in it, and then link to that specific item with links such as "Can't wait for this auction to end? Click here to Buy It Now!"

2. Link To Your eBay Store In All Your Invoices And Other Correspondence - Everything you send to your customers, or potential customers, should include a link to your store. You can do this in two ways:

- Include a link to your eBay store in your email signature block. For this to be most effective, don't just link to your store. Make them want to click on the link by linking to a specific item or items related to the content of the email.

- Include mentions of your eBay store within your email itself. When a customer writes you with a question about a specific item, don't just answer their question. If you have a similar item or items in your store tell them about it and include a direct link to it within the body of your email. Just be careful not to make the email look like an advertisement. Use a soft-sell approach and mention the item in a way that doesn't interfere with the flow of your response.

3. Submit Targeted Keyword To Pay-Per-Click Search Engines - Submit your site to pay-per-click search engines such as Select keywords that will attract narrowly targeted buyers. When doing this, your goal shouldn't be to attract as many clicks as possible, but rather, to attract as many tightly targeted clicks as possible. Write your pay-per-click description in such a manner that it draws people who want to buy your item to your store. You do not want to attract "browsers" as they will just eat up your PPC budget very quickly.

4. Use Your Store's Monthly Sales Report As A Promotional Tool - Study the information included in your monthly sales report for your store to determine what promotional methods are working and what ones aren't. Increase your efforts in the areas that are working best for you and either drop or revise those that aren't doing so well.

5. Let Your Store Promote Itself - eBay has a store search page that works very similar to a regular search engine that some eBay buyers will use. Others will use actual search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Because of this, it's important that you let your store promote itself by targeted keywords in the appropriate places:

- Your eBay Store name should describe what you are selling

- You are allowed to have up to 20 customized categories within your store. Use the keywords that your potential buyers will search for as your category names.

- Use keywords in your eBay store description that accurately describe what you are selling. Just be sure to insert them into your description in a way that's user-friendly and doesn't appear as blatant advertising.

6. Use eBay's Cross Promotion Features - eBay provides storeowners with cross-promotion features but most sellers don't use them wisely. Make sure you are showing the right product to the right buyer at the right time. Ensure you are cross-promoting the proper items not only in your listings, but also in your Bid Confirmation and your Purchase Confirmation pages.

7. Make Use Of The Email Marketing Tool eBay Provides - eBay's Email Marketing feature allows you to build an opt-in customer list very cheaply. Encourage buyers to opt-in to your mailings by promoting your newsletters in your store and in all post transaction communications with buyers. Just ensure that you use the tool wisely and don't send messages to your subscribers so frequently that they view your newsletters as Spam. Optimally, you shouldn't send more than two or three newsletters a month.

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