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automatic responder email marketing

*The Automatic Responder is generally referred to as an

What is an Autoresponder?

Autoresponder - An automated system that sends out a
prewritten email to a person who has requested information.

Autoresponders are essential for doing business online!

Here's why:

Instead of having to respond to each individual that
requests information about your product or business, the
autoresponder automatically sends out the information.

This frees you up to focus on other areas of marketing.
Let's face it, if you begin to create a huge "opt-in email"
list, you won't have time to respond to each individual

Opt-In Email - An opt-in email list is a list where the
users have voluntarily signed up to receive e-mail about
topics of interest. In double opt-in email lists the user
must re-verify their request to be on a list.

This leads me to the "Autoresponder Sequence"

Autoresponder Sequence - A series of autoresponder messages
scheduled to be delivered automatically via e-mail at
predetermined intervals to a person who has requested it.

You will load your "Autoresponder Sequence" to an
autoresponder. Now, post an "Opt-In email" sign up box that
corresponds with that autoresponder, requesting first name
and email address.

O'kay, pretend for a moment that you are trying to sell
cookbooks. You have an Opt-In Email box at your website
where people can sign up to receive free desert recipes.

You've created an "Autoresponder Sequence" with desert
recipes. You're now providing exactly what you promised,
plus you're able to promote your cookbook.

You now have a list on Automatic! They are happy about
receiving the desert recepies. And if you've played your
cards right, you should've inserted some sales messages into
the "Autoresponder Sequence"!

Autoresponders help you build trust, establish credibility,
and deliver quality...

When I first came online, I signed up for information on
investing in IRA's from this guy whose site sounded and
looked fantastic. I found myself trusting his information.
He was establishing credibility and delivering quality

You see, because he was utilizing the power of an
autoresponder, he could continuously drip information on me
causing me to take advantage on his offers!

This throws me back to the "cookbook" example. Most likely,
your viewers aren't going to purchase on the first visit to
your site. However, providing an opt-in box with certain
offers greatly enhances the possibilities of sales.

That's what is so great about having an "Autoresponder"!
You can sit back, collect names, and market to them.

Where can you get "Autoresponders?"

I suggest going to Google or Yahoo and typing in
Autoresponders. You should receive several results. There
are many different systems which range in price.

Do your homework and find what works best for you. However,
I can't stress enough how important "Autoresponders" are to
doing business online!

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