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Internet Marketing Tip - Go For The Bronze

Go for the bronze.

Repeat...go for the bronze.

That's right, NOT the gold.

Lets look at this another way. If you are learning how to read, will you start off by reading difficult philosophy?

Certainly not! You will begin by reading short, simple books with small words.

Lets apply this to your Internet Marketing career.

Too many times I have seen Internet Marketers trying to "Go for the gold" when they are simply not ready to do so.

If I may steal a line from one of my favorite movies, "What about Bob?" you must take baby steps.

The Internet Marketing field is HUGE... you must make a choice.

Pick a part of it that you are the most interested in, or know the most about. Become an expert in this area, whether it be graphic creation, opt-in list building, writing articles, or something as simple as creating a great headline.

I have seen eBooks that teach only how to create a great headline sell quite well.

Once you are an expert in this field, it's time to expand. Pick another field related to the first one and research.

Remember, baby steps.

It is your quickest path to success.

About the author:
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