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Are ready to buy a portable mp3 player?

Recently, it seems like everyone looking to get a portable mp3 player. Like most new electronics, prices continue to drop and manufacturers continue to add more features. If you are like me and want to have music with you all the time, then a portable mp3 player would definitely be something to add to your wish list this year.

So what exactly does a portable mp3 player do?

It basically stores your music files in a compressed format on a mini hard drive. In fact, the hard drive space on some top of the line mp3 players like the Apple iPod can easily rival the space on a low end desktop PC. It is the genius of the design, and of the mp3 format that allows you to carry so many tunes on your player. Mp3 files are music files that have been compressed to about one tenth of their actual size.

To listen to the music, you need a player that takes the file and slowly decompresses it without losing any of the sound quality. This is what you get with an mp3 player. A portable mp3 player just takes it to the next level by adding an enormous amount of space. If you buy one of the 40Gig iPods for example, you can store about 10,000 songs on the system. Not bad for something that can easily fit inside a purse or jacket.

So how do you pick the best mp3 player?

You pick one based on your daily needs and your budget. Mp3 player are not cheap. Considering the amount of engineering it takes to get that music into such a small box, it's a wonder they don't cost more than they do. If you are a very active person who wants to take your player with you everywhere you go, experts recommend that you consider the flash memory models.

You won't be able to store as many songs as on the jukebox model, but it's a good way to get a stereo on the go. If the price is right and the sound is good, then a flash memory player is great for people who like to workout and stay active. It will stand up a little bit better to all the wear and tear on your system.

If you want to get the player, but don't plan on using it while working out, then there is the jukebox model. Either one would be a good gift for friends and family, or for your self.

You can find more pictures and information on the many different brands of portable mp3 players at any major music retailer

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