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10 Quick Hot Tips for Creating that Highly Targeted 'Clicks' to Your Site

What is the most important thing that you want a Pay-Per-Click Search Engine to do for your site? Provide you with more traffic? Yes! That's right, you might say. But that is absolutely wrong if that person answering is me.

I don't want traffic or what I really mean is I don't really want unwanted general visitors who won't be any time interested in what I'm offering. What I really wanted from the pay-per-click search engines are highly targeted traffic to our sites that will be either looking for or interested to buy what I'm offering.

We all want a highly targeted traffic to our website, but how do you achieve that? It needs some skills and techniques to get your site to be ranked #1 in the pay-per-click search engines (PPCs).

And here are 10 hot tips designed to create the highly targeted traffic that your website has always wanted to attract.

1.It's not always the best to be number one in the list. This is because there are just too many people that will tend to click on the number spot when they have no intention of buying your products or services.

2.Make sure that your keyword phrase is in the title as well as your description. Take as much time as you can to create a unique description to fit your site. This is because it's the site with the best description within the top 3 listing that most often get that 'Click'.

3.Your keyword phrases must absolutely fit the content of your web pages. Overture is especially particular about this.

4.Narrow down your keywords to target your market properly so that you don't waste money paying for general visitors. Plus, using a general keyword to get general audience will only explode your costs without even getting you any sales.

5.Spend your time effectively by researching more niche keywords using Overture's search term suggestion tool: or WordTracker:

6.As a general rule of thumb, it is better to bid for 10-20 keywords rather than only a few which will not yield as much results.

7.Choose and bid cautiously on a variety of keywords. The key is to Test. Under-performing keywords should be replaced by new, better performing keywords.

8.In the case of using Overture, seriously consider buying a "Premium Listing" which means you hold the top 3 positions for that keyword phrase. This is because other major search engines show only the first listings.

9.Use a tracking service or software to track your traffic from the PPCs to whichever page you directed them to. This is to calculate and justify if the cost of advertising on the PPCs is worth it, considering the number of sales it will bring. Never send those PPCs traffic to your home page.

10.Try to be as objective as you possibly can in writing your title and description of your site. Don't use subjective languages like "the best" or "number one" but rather in an objective manner of just listing your product or service benefits in a unique way.

These are the 10 short tips that can help you in gaining a better ranking in PPCs and getting that highly targeted 'Clicks' that will be worth it if it converts into sales.
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