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(Don't be the one caught making these mistakes...)

When you stop making the mistakes discussed below, you'll be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

First there was movable type, and then along came mass publishing and finally we are at the most advanced part of the cycle to date --the Internet.

A lot of things have changed? You bet! Or have they? You'll be surprised. This article's discussion is vital to the success of anyone and everyone, as the success building formula have *not* changed from Gutenberg's Press to the days of Instant, "Everyone Publishing" on the Internet.


Most of the operations on the Internet are 'copy cats' that are taking one idea and twisting it and then advertising and marketing it as their own. There's nothing wrong with this. Everyone does it. If you look at cars on the street, or even nature, you'll see the copy cats in action. The copy cat formula often is adopted because it is less risky. The car manufacturer knows that the type of model worked for "A" and why not for us? Even in nature a very successful fish, bird, or what ever will have a slight modification and then go about on it's own "tree of life" and become success for ages, doing just that.

There's no problem with it. However, the issue that is NOT discussed is the of expectations. The returns. When a copy of some work or an idea is floated around with great expectations, note that the work's rewards may not and often do not exceed that of the ORIGINAL IDEA.


An example might be better: You cannot go out and make your own NEW BEETLE(R) car, and then expect to sell as many MY OWN BETTLE cars. The problem on the Internet is that everyone is trying to do this and the end result is that there is mass failure and a lot of people are out their $29.95 or worse, $99.95 and in some cases a lot more!

So, what do you need to DO? You need to commit to a revolution. Perhaps, your car will run 100 MPG or cost 1/2 as much while offering the same quality OR --Some fantastic benefit that the user will RANT and RAVE ABOUT for months and years. That's what you need to do. You need something with benefit, benefit, benefit and more benefit.

Chasing the same old tale and following the same old 'gurus' and the latest flavor of "Tips and Tricks" will get you nowhere.


Most people on the Internet working with Affiliate programs, network marketing programs and everything in between often forget WHY people are on the Internet and what they are doing. Most often they are seeking information and often that is for self improvement.

Why is someone looking for higher education? Why is someone looking for a trip? Why is someone looking at safety standards of passenger cars? Why is someone filling out a questionnaire about their personal information at a dating site? Why are they doing that?


Most of the time, using the above examples, there is only one reason --Higher education to get a better job or a raise or... Checking trip details to plan a vacation. Just a look at what you can get for your money. The personal information is completed to find a partner --someone to share life with.

With all these needs, with all these wants, moving around the same "OLD STUFF" will get you nowhere. When you are working with any type of business what you need to do is keep the customer needs in mind. What the customer wants is the key and when they get it, they will be happy and pave the path to gold that you seek.

If you don't meet the customers' demands, then you might as well not even get started!

BULLET #3: THE LAST of the SNIPER's BULLET: (?????) The last of the 3 deadly bullets is something that we don't realize we are doing and a day or two will march by. Then we keep doing it, and a month or two march by. Before you know it, years have gone by.

Life is short! We're luckily to live long... So,

I am not going to tell you what it is. In fact, the very aspect of it should be worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS to you, regardless of what you do. The idea of it (F) is very special and if you concentrate on (O) what I am writing and you take a pencil and note down some of the letters that "pop out" at you, you'll see ONE WORD, just ONE WORD that will make the difference (C) for many of you. It will (U) turn whatever that you are working on and take that idea and ENERGIZE it 100% and turbo charge the launch of it. (S). Then you will understand the importance of it and what it can do, not just in your life, not just in your work, not just at your job --but in everything you do. When you wake up in the morning and make your list of things "to do" and then apply the very idea, you will learn that step by step, you *will* make a difference.

You will succeed. That is how success on the Internet or for that matter anywhere that success is 'appreciated', you'll find the roots of this idea.

Often people like to be at the corner office. Often people like to be at the top of the building. Often you'll have email, music and even a phone connected to your PC while working.

There's a major problem in that --then you've lost it. You've lost what you need because with each email, with each note or phone ring, there's yet again someone knocking! Again.

Then you've lost it. Sure, you need to do some of this stuff. It's life. It's all Good and Fun --but you don't need it all the time. Switch it off. Turn it off. Unplug it. Get your "GAME SET" going. Get your "SUCCESS MODE" >>ON<< and MOVE IT!

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About the author:

Phillip King is an entreprenour working with some of the top internet guru's helping achieve marketing excellence from what works and does not. Extensive levels of internet marketing have been achieved and now being implemented for further advancement in the recent internet changes.