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3 Simple Ways to Get Started Promoting Your Online Business.And Create Big Profits.

3 Simple Ways to Get Started Promoting
Your Online Business.And Create Big Profits.
By Hans Klein
So you've got your first product to sell online, but where do you go now? Traffic is not going to magically appear. You have to advertise. Now the toughest question comes up, "Where do I advertise?" There are so many advertising options that claim that they are the right way to advertise, but often they leave your wallet empty and your business dead. So, in this article, are three must-use ways that I have found to be very profitable to promote an online business. If you use them correctly, you can generate thousands of targeted visitors. (I emphasize, "targeted" because it is easy to get people to go to your site, but often they have no interest in what you're offering and that means they won't buy.) You can apply these tactics to almost any Internet business, including your network marketing company, craft business, ebook business, an affiliate program, or anything else that is on the Internet.
1. Ezine list. The most important aspect of building an online business is developing trust. If somebody trusts you, they know you will create money for them, and that makes them come back to you every time. The best way to develop trust is to create an ezine. In you're weekly to monthly ezine you can write about anything related to your product and offer it to your visitors for free. At the same time, you can promote your product or service. Once you have nice-sized list, the easy money can roll in. Now, you're still going to have to come up with fresh content, but now you have a ton of eager readers who feel like they know and trust you as a friend. Whenever you have a new product you want to promote, you just let your list know, and you will get sales. Can you imagine the profit potential of this promotional device?
2. Pay-Per Click Search Engines. This is the cheapest and fastest way to get targeted traffic to your site. All you have to do is come up with keywords related to your website and pick a price you're willing to pay when somebody clicks on your keyword. The only difficult part is coming up with at least 100 targeted keywords. You have to be careful not to pick too general keywords or most of your traffic won't be interested in your product. At the same time, if you pick too specific terms, you won't get much traffic.
• The first Pay-Per-Click engine I would recommend signing up with is I have found their conversion rates to be the highest of any Pay-Per click I have tested. They also allow you to get started instantly and it costs only $5 to get signed up.
• After you have created a profitable campaign with Google, move on to They are not as valuable as they used to be, but they are still one of the best places to advertise.
• Finally, test one of the smaller, but "still worth your time" Pay-Per-Clicks. These include,,, and There are a few others, but these are probably the four most popular, after Google and Overture.
During the process of creating a successful stream of traffic from Pay-Per-Click engines, be patient and keep on testing. Take each step one-at-a-time, and it will pay off.
3. Ezine Advertising- This is generally a little bit more expensive than Pay-Per-Click advertising, but the sales conversion rates are very high. When you look for a good ezine to advertise in, make sure it is targeted to your market. Watch out for ezines over 100,000. I have found that ezines this size usually have terrible results. Now I am not saying you should not advertise in large ezines, just make sure you are not paying an outrageous amount.
There are tons of directories with ezines you can advertise in, so, below are a few. While browsing through the directories, only advertise in ones that look and feel right. You can determine this by asking: Are most of the dates booked up for the next month? Does it have lots of testimonials with an advertiser's exact results? Any clueless person can give a testimonial, but exact results will give you a real idea of what the ezine can offer you.
Ezine Directories.
Now that you have the resources, start testing. The first test you need to make is to try different kinds pop-ups to advertise your list. Yes, they're annoying, but they're also really effective. Then get your Google account going, and, finally, find a good ezine to promote your product in. After you have these three methods going, you will be making enough money to test more risky methods of advertising!
Good Luck!
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