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6 Key Elements to Leadership

6 Key Elements to Leadership
You are on your way to build a large organization in your primary network Marketing Company? It is important to establish yourself as a leader. The thing is that most people never got trained to manage people. Leadership is not about knowing everything, it's more about knowing how to distribute the energy of a group.
As your team keeps growing and growing, you'll notice that they have questions and rely on you 100 %. YOU are the leader... Are you?
Here are 6 words, 6 elements you need to master if you want to be recognized as a true leader.
1- Trust
As a Group Leader, you've got to establish confidence. Every member of your team must trust you. It is your responsibility to build that confidence towards you and towards every members of your team.
2- Coherence
You've got to walk your talk. What you say is what you do. Coherence between your teaching and your own actions will have a significant effect on your team : it will have a direct influence upon the trust of your team members towards you. The less your team trust you, the less your message will be heard.
3- Competence
No leader can survive incompetence. Knowing how to resource yourself and knowing how to surround yourself are 2 qualities that every leaders possess.
What the leader don't know, he learns it or he makes someone who knows about it to execute the task.
4- Collaboration
The more successful people there will be in your team, the more success YOU will have but... BE CAREFUL.... As your member gets bigger and bigger, make sure they treat their downline with respect. Never let your people by themselves. Always bring them to their best. Be sure you make that statement duplicatable otherwise your downline will stop growing at some point making you lose maybe thousands of dollars. Make sure the heavy-hitters of your team know about this.
5- Competition
Drive your team towards excellence. Be sure your team understand the different levels in your company. Diamond level, group leader level, director level, presidential level.... whatever your company name it. You've got to drive the member of your team towards their next level. Let your team know the success of everyone. As soon as someone reach his own next level. Announce it to your team. This will favour the developpement of your group.
6- Contribution
This is the guard angel of the team spirit. If all the members of your team contribute to bring the best out of themself you will lead a group that has very good potential to hit a team. Every members must contribute in some ways. If they don't work their business, they will not make money and you won't make money. Help them build their business.
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