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$77.15 in six months?

"In My early ventures, I was so excited with
Multi-Level-Marketing, Network Marketing, and even
Business Opportunity. About Six months ago, I was
being offered a proposal from two persons on the
street asking me if I would be interested in their
businesses. So I made an appointment with them a
couple days later.

That day, They offered me a business proposal and
explained to me about the payment system that could
generate 8% commissions on the first level and 2%
on the second level up to ten level deep.

At that time, I was thinking about what mistakes I
had made. I was being introduced to an unclear
business proposal to sell website on the net. I was
offered an 8% commission by introducing 12 people. "

>>> What did you do Henry?

I was working extremely hard and spending more than
$9,000 in six months excluding my phone bills.

Finally, I was able to build more than 700 members
in my downline.... Which obviously, many of you
think that I must have made thousands of dollars.


I got only $77.15 in check.

With no doubt, the owner was telling me that I was
one of his best associates. In fact, he used my
name just to make himself more money. He was
actually profiting for more than $65,000 from my
downline, while I could barely survive with $77.15
and outrages expenses.

Those days are gone. I am lucky enough to see it
through the confusion in E-business. However, lots
of people may never see it at all. Today, I will
reveal you a real secret why do you need to consider
Business opportunity.

Here are the right way you should do to make a REAL
money online...

1. Start your own E-business

Before everything else, You need to put yourself in
priority. I am telling you this because many people
are just too afraid of building up their own
businesses. Instead, they are using those Biz-OP as
their main income stream.

>> Why it is not right, Henry?

By promoting other businesses before yours, you are
just putting yourself into the trouble like I did in
my early venture.

Regardless the size of the company, which do you think
companies care most; your prospective or its own

If you are not the one who really cares about owning
your business, who will?

>> Henry, it is easy to say about owning my own
business... , but HOW?

The easiest way to earn money online is by providing
information. I don't mean regular information which
you already knew, but more into a specialized

>> Specialized information, what is that?

The purpose of Specialized information is to make
somebody's life easier. For example: "How acupuncture
can affect your health?"

If you have a special skill in acupuncture, you should
start summarizing the way it works in a simple way so
people do not need to go to bookstore just to get 1,000
pages of manual.

If you have not sure how to start, you can look into
our member site about eighteen business ideas you can
duplicate from me. If you already a member, you can

If you are not, and interested to know more, you can

2. Promote it the right way.

Most MLM businesses suggest you to tell your friends
and co-worker to join your Business.

Do you think they will?

Think again. 90% of your friends may not be your
targeted market.

On the other hands, Have you ever thought of E-mail
harvester that send unsolicited email to 20,000,000
people for $99. Do you feel it is a good idea?

Don't do it!

If you do, you will jeopardy your business in the
matter of days. To know the truth about Bulk E-mail,
you can click on:

>> What should I do, Henry?

Increase your targeted lists. How? Remember about a
pop-up button that told you that you won a price?
When you clicked on it, you needed to input your
information in returns of my free E-book to you.
That is one of the strategies that I used to
accumulate 43,618+ of the subscribers.

I know it is taking a lot of times to do but, Think
of the result. I am able to have more than 2,675
students. Have you ever thought where are they
coming from? People who subscribed to my E-letter.

You have completed the first and second step.

Now.... the question is...

3. How can YOU make a consistent monthly income?

One webmaster told me that he was making $2,000 on his
first month, $600 on the second month, $275 on the
third month, and could barely survive on the last few
months. He said to me that it is too difficult to
make money online.

>> How different are your strategies compare to
other webmasters?

50% of my sales are generated from people who join
the membership. The other 50% is through the affiliate
checks that I receive every month.

The good thing about affiliate income is, you still
get paid every month whether you are working or not.
This is also one of the right way to make consistent
monthly income.

>> Can you tell me the formula?

By starting your own business first and connecting
affiliate programs to your existing business are the
steps to make consistent income online.

As a conclusion...

Instead of telling you that I will probably make
$5,000 on next month, I am able to tell you that I
will make at least $5,000 even if I decide to take
some vacations to Aruba.

For closing....

This information gives you some pictures on how you
should be more careful about business opportunity.
In addition, I want you to think about Biz Op as a
link to your existing business (if you already
started an E-business). You should focus more on other

If you would like to find out which online marketing
strategies work well and which do NOT, look at my
website guide "Make 1 Million". It comes with
unlimited consultation. You'll find it in intro page
of site.

Success is yours,
Henry Gold

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