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The Amazing Applications Of Web Conference Calls

Conferencing in its very basic form might be two people talking over the phone while browsing through a web site and making comments about the content.

Web conferencing started initially as an audio conferencing calls and it is still largely Used today mainly for presentation calls where the host is guiding a group of listeners, illustrating to them some concepts and from time to time answers questions or asking for comments.

This call can be recorded and later on either distributed to a larger group of potential customers or be put on a web site where other customers can download the audio file to their computer and listen to the whole thing at their convenient time.

With the introduction of the broadband, conferencing emerged into live Video conferencing where participants can actually see each other in addition to be able to hearing each other.

Then it developed into multi layering of information where conferencing participants can talk, see and even share and exchange presentations as well as drawing and sketch a concept on a tablet board (it's called Whiteboard) while making comments on it.

In Addition web conferencing can conduct poles and votes among the participants same as they would during a board meetings.

This technology is a real alternative to face-to-face meetings. This level of conferencing is not without problems, it must be meticulously planed ahead of time, positioning the web cams at appropriate well lighted spots, same for the microphones, the participants must exhibit high self discipline and concentration.

It can be implemented locally as well as internationally by medium to large companies. A well planed and coordinated web conference call can save a bundle of time, money and hassle.

One field where this conferencing application really revolutionized the whole process is the engineering and architectural planning. This has became part of e-construction methodology.

The planner is transferring his drawings CAD files to the next level or levels like the electrical engineer or the air-conditioner planner, they can all design and add their drawings over the original raster background (that is because it works in layers).

Then they can coordinate a web conference call and discuss potential conflicts and problems in their separate planning to the general construction plan, this can boost and speed up the whole planning and design processes and help meet deadlines on time.

Another application can be Coach hiring managers on corporate process, screen candidates and avoid the significant costs associated with flying unsuitable candidates out for interviews.

Training sessions with selected employees around the globe is another time and money big saver. This e-Teacher technology is going to have a tremendous impact in the future on the education system as a whole from high school to the universities.

About the Author:

Amit Laufer is a writer and Internet Marketer. MBA - International Trade & Finance. Bsc. Computers and Information Systems. Owner Editor of: Web Conference Call (c) Copyrights 2006