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A Basic Understanding Of VOIP

Many people are hearing for the first time about VOIP. VOIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a method of talking on the phone through the use of the internet. It works by taking analog audio signals and turns them into digital data which can then be transmitted over the web. Sounds confusing? Really, it is simple and very interesting. This technology has been developed and used extensively. Today, more and more people are switching their long distance service away from traditional means and focusing them on VOIP simply because it offers high quality and, get ready for this, affordable prices!
In effect, it allows you to get free phone calls through your internet connection. In fact, you can use VOIP instead of using any of the phone company products and therefore you do not have to pay them for what you can get for free using VOIP. Sounds great, doesn't it?
There are several providers out there that are now offering VOIP service. In fact, some of the traditional phone companies are realizing that this is the way of the future for their business and are developing networks across the United States. Although the technology for the VOIP system has been around for a while, not many carriers put it to use. But, Vonage is one of those that did. And, they have a growing percentage of individuals on their plans now. They are growing because this is an affordable way to make phone calls. Many see VOIP as the phone systems that will be used well into the future.
How Do You Do It?
There are several ways in which the phone call using VOIP can be used.
 The first and most common is ATA. This is the simplest method. It allows you to plug into the computer using a analog telephone adaptor. You will plug your standard telephone into the ATA and then plug the ATA into the computer. As you can see, this sounds simple and works well for most. There is software that is needed to configure the system but like most other programs it is relatively simple to use.
 Another way to use the VOIP service is through IP phones. These phones look just like traditional phones but have special adapters on them. The phones will connect to the computer using an RJ-45 Ethernet connector. This way, they can plug directly into your router. The phones themselves have all the necessary technology stored on them. Soon, you will find that there will be phones that use Wi-Fi connections in that they will allow you to make VOIP calls anywhere there is a Wi-Fi hot spot.
 Lastly, there is even an easier method for using VOIP. Computer to computer systems are available that allow you to never pay for any long distance phone calls again. Using a microphone, speakers and a sound card that your computer may already have, you can talk via the internet to anyone else. In most cases, there is no charge for these calls besides those of paying for your internet service.
Why Should I Have It?
We have talked about how it works, but why should you switch to a VOIP service? The fact is that this system is one that allows for the most affordable pricing of any long distance phone service. Let's face it, that is what most people are looking at. But, there is more to it than just that.
 You have flexibility in the use of your VOIP service as well. You can take your adapter with you to virtually any location around the world that has broadband technology and hook into your home service. You can also use your computer to make calls anywhere it can get on the internet. As long as you have a microphone and speakers, you are set to use your VOIP service.
 Features. There are just as many and more features that can be used through the VOIP service. Such things as caller ID, call waiting, three way calling and repeat dialing are available through the VOIP service. Call forwarding, voicemail, or even screen your calls using the service, are all options that you'll have as well. In fact, you can check your voicemail online or send emails with attachments.
 It is also easy to use. Once you get through the initial installation process and become familiar with how the system works, you are sure to be able to take advantage of it fully. It is as simple as doing what you do now.
VOIP is the telephone system of the future. There is little doubt that you will see it used more and more so in business and in homes around the world. Take advantage of the huge savings that this system can offer you and you'll see just why so many want to take advantage of VOIP!
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