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Internet Marketing Mistakes that Traditional Business Owners make part 3

If Internet Marketing is important to you, the third in a 7 part series is a must for Australian Business Owners.

The third mistake in Internet marketing is made by business owners who do not follow through with their online marketing with a simple follow through system. A great way to generate sales and exposure is by wowing your customer or lead through email capture.

If done correctly, using an autoresopnder, business owners can get an edge on their competition by using a tool that is available in the Internet marketing world.

By simply capturing an email in a shop, car yard, on the phone by a receptionist, networking, point of sale or using traditional Internet marketing methods, your brick and mortar business could see a sales surge by well thought out communication.

After capturing an email, you can use it to provide information to your client, promotions, hints and tips, gift certificates and much more, all by sending a simple email that costs nothing to send. This method has been used with Internet marketing for years, but rarely have traditional businesses seen the true power and potential that can exist by simply following up with a client.

An email can fill an empty Hairdressing Salon in hours, explain the new menu in a restaurant, the latest listing in a Real Estate office, the winter doona special in a Dry Cleaning company, the newest model from a car dealer or nightly specials at a night club. All this by using Internet marketing methods offline.

By thinking "outside the square" and using zero cost of delivery, this powerful Internet marketing method can also be used without a website, just an internet connection is all you will need to keep your business fresh in your clients mind.

Next Mistake 4 Over Spending Offline, when Internet marketing could be a cheaper alternative.

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