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Is the noise surrounding John Reese just hype?

Never in the history of the Internet have anything like this happened!

On the 17th of august 2004 traffic secrets was launched. On That Day.Anybody interested in Internet marketing could not avoid being knocked down by the noise.

Like whenever there is a new major launch of an Internet product, Internet marketers with large lists all jump on the bandwagon touting the same product in unison.

Get kind of annoying, doesn't it? Especially while in many instances some of the products or services that are marketed are of questionable nature! In my opinion.

This can be products or services for link schemes or traffic generating. Or it can be marketing information that is often over-hyped by marketing gurus claiming to make you rich fast. I'm not an affiliate or have any vested interest in John Reese's product.

But, I tell you this! Traffic secrets will be the first product I will try to get my hand on.period!

Why is that? Is it not all hype with the same information you find elsewhere? I haven't seen the product or have inside information, but I have listen on the Internet to interviews made with him, seen his newsletters and sales page.

So here is why! Beside his track record which surpasses most competitors. This is the only product I know that is credible and shows convincingly how to market on the Internet full throttle. This is made by time saving market research and by effective web site promotion which get you on the right track for achieving web traffic avalanches.

Let's look how!

Market research: The start must begin with market research, testing new business concept and evaluating the potential of different niche markets. The key here is that the faster and quicker you can test niche markets, ideas and get positive returns from them all, the better off you are. The positive result from each concept will have one of two possible outcomes.

Either you lose money or you make money!

You dump the loser and concentrate on the winners. He shows you how you are able do this real quick.

The mistake that most people make is that they build a site targeting a market and test it first when the site is built. In other words they do the market research only after they have made all the work.

Sadly, the time they spend until they realize that it will not work can be several months or even years.

Promoting: In order the make money on the internet you need to attract targeted visitors and make money from them. That's a fact!

John Reese has dedicated his life to figure out and test which methods are really effective to attract visitors and how to convert them to customers. He has done this, "working like a mad scientist", testing and tracking.

That is what you also have to do! Testing and tracking your marketing effort!..By making gradual improvements. If you know which traffic building methods are working you can concentrate on the methods that work.

Avalanche building: Ultimate when building a profitable web business to make abundant sum of money you have to use the unique viral marketing effects which are unique to the Web. What I'm very interested in and what John is claiming to show you is how you make other web sites sending you their traffic.

Marketing by using snow ball effects and by building momentum is what it really is all about to succeed with your business on the Internet.

Most other marketing products will only show you one available technique to make more visitors or one technique to get a higher conversion. Some claim to show you the whole picture to make a successful Internet sites. But, lack the complete picture.

What John shows you are clear strategies that are fully tested and working. This includes traffic building, testing, conversion, tracking and effective leverage strategies mastered to perfection.

Copyright 2004 Per Strandberg

Per Strandberg specializes in Internet marketing and web development!

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