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Resources For Staying Current of IT Advancements For Online Business Owners

The internet and associated technology changes at a relatively fast pace. For anyone working in fields that make extensive use of IT technology, it is crucial to always stay one step ahead of the game. Keeping up the pace can be challenging and seem utterly impossible at times without the help of resources to pull from.

For instance, small online home business owners frequently rely heavily on search engines to produce quality traffic to their site. Because all major search engines strive to deliver highly relevant search results to surfers, index algorithms are in a stage of continual evolution. Resources for staying abreast of changes is a must.

(1) ClickZ News is one of the primary online resources for internet marketers. Part of Jupitermedia Corporation, ClickZ provides highly insightful news articles on topics ranging from search engine marketing, web host providers, email marketing, web site design, current spam laws, idea branding and consumer spending habits across a broad range of IT and electronic devices. Signing up for their newsletter entitles you to receive the latest news right to your inbox.

(2) Search Engine Watch is undoubtedly the top site regarding new evolutions in search engine algorithms. I highly recommend frequenting this site if you are like me and performing all search engine optimization (SEO) yourself. Search Engine Watch is also owned by Jupertermedia, Inc. The lead editor is Danny Sullivan, well known throughout the SEO community as an expert on search engines and ranking. He and associate editor Chris Sherman conduct interviews with sources at search engines on a regular basis and analyze SE news across the web.

(3) Search Engine Optimization, Inc ( is another leader in search engine placement. Founded by CEO Garry Grant, a leader with years of experience in web development, internet communications and search engine optimization. They offer a free periodic newsletter, InSites, packed with optimization strategies and current developments in search engine technology.

(4) Tech Review is the online version of MIT's Magazine of Innovation Technology. Covering a broad range of new innovations in the field of information technology from software to major hardware platforms, this is geared more towards big business systems rather than small business owners. They do however, offer a free newsletter, discussing new advancements and applications, making this resource relevant to online businesses.

(5) Useit is the site owned by Jakob Nielsen of the Nielsen Norman Group, providing resources regarding human-centered IT development. Highly insightful, this site is wonderful as it addresses IT development from the perspective of the people who will use it. Useit also contains a nice compilation of other IT related resources.

What is crucial without a doubt is to keep current on ideas and ideologies that exist throughout the IT corridor. It is not necessary to know the explicit details or "in's and out's". If you have the correct resources at your disposal, you will stay one step ahead of the game of current online trends. Use these resources to stay ahead of your fellow online home business owners. Striving for new and better ways to reach your target market will ensure that your business stays on top.

by Dan J. Fry, c. 2003-2004, All rights reserved.

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of, a site devoted to providing resources for small budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on home business resources at or by visiting his Infopreneur site at He can be reached at